Providing a range of services to a range of actors for the purpose of serving one mission: Helping ensure safe, inclusive, free and open digital spaces by contributing human-rights focused perspectives, knowledge and expertise on technology’s impacts on society, rights and democracy. 

My Approach

I adopt an evidence-based participatory approach that prioritises input from relevant stakeholders, including the participation of people and groups whose lives and rights are the most affected by technology. The perspectives, experiences and knowledge of these groups and individuals, combined with factual information and data are essential to understanding technology’s real-life risks and consequences and innovating for more effective solutions, tactics and tools for the protection of human rights in  digital spaces.

This is particularly the case when conducting UX research to support the development of human rights-centered ICT tools and products, designing non-profit digital rights programmes and projects and conducting human rights impact assessments.

My Expertise


Network Shutdowns

Intentional disruptions and throttling targeting entire networks, platforms and specific protocols (e.g. Voice Over Internet Protocol).


Technology & Democracy

How technology is used to enable and undermine democratic processes and institutions (e.g. internet shutdowns during elections and online political disinformation).


Content Moderation

The human rights impacts of corporate platforms’ content moderation policies and practices, with a particular focus on hate speech and the implications for freedom of expression.


Privacy & Data Protection

Government and corporate surveillance in the digital age and what it entails for privacy and human rights.


Algorithmic Systems

Transparency and accountability for the use of algorithmic systems affecting human rights.


Vulnerable Communities

Technology’s disproportionate impacts on vulnerable communities and at-risk groups such as minorities, human rights defenders and journalists. 



Research and Analysis

In-depth research, reports, papers and legal analysis on technology’s intersection with fundamental rights and freedoms.


UX Research

Research to support the design & development of human rights-centered ICT products and services.



Expert guidance and advice for the nonprofit and private sectors on the protection of human rights in the digital space.


Writing and Editing

Proposal writing and in-depth reporting at the intersection of technology and human rights.

Workshops and Training Materials

Leading workshops and developing educational materials on digital rights for a range of clients.